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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Dungeons & Dragons (2000) DvdRIp Hindi Dubbed [Dual Audio] MediaFire

 The Empire of Izmer has long been a divided land. The Mages – an elite group of magic users – rule whilst the lowly commoners are powerless. Izmer’s young Empress, Savina, wants equality and prosperity for all, but the evil Mage Profion is plotting to depose her, and establish his own rule. The Empress possesses a scepter which controls Izmer’s Golden Dragons. To challenge her rule, Profion must have the scepter, and
tricks the Council of Mages into believing Savina is unfit to hold it. Knowing that Profion will bring death and destruction to Izmer, Savina, must find the legendary Rod of Savrille, a mythical rod that has the power to control Red Dragons, a species even mightier than the Gold. Enter two thieves, Ridley and Snails, who unwittingly become instrumental in Savina’s search for the Rod. Joined by a feisty Dwarf named Elwood, and helped by the Empress’s expert tracker…

MoVie InFo :  IMDb
IMDB rating: 3.6/10

 Genre:  Adventure | Fantasy | Action
Size: 900 MB
Language: Hindi/English
Forma: MKV
Runtime:  107 min
Directed by: Courtney Solomon
Starring:  Justin Whalin, Jeremy Irons and Zoe McLellan

(177 MB)

(177 MB)

(177 MB)

(177 MB)

(176 MB)

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